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Gain more followers and take your brand to the next level







“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself”. – Seth Godin

If you’ve started a social media presence, have quite the reputation, or have no idea how to get started — don’t fret. The expert team at Gen47 is ready to partner with you and growing your business, increasing your brand awareness, and managing your online reputation.


Embrace social media. Actually, flat out own it.

You’re on social media which means your consumers are on social media too. Social media is a great tool for brand exposure and engagement with potential clients. We partner with you to make sure that story reaches as many of your customers and potential customers as possible so that they not only get to know you and your brand, but develop a real connection with your company’s story. Embrace social media… but together, let’s own it!


We have a saying around here… stop following the trend and create your own.

With thousands of posts, photos, contests, and videos a day… how can your brand stand out from the rest? We understand that as a business owner and leader, you have many tasks at hand throughout the day. The social media experts at Gen47 are working on your behalf daily. Our team is researching latest trends and projecting future trends, analyzing content, and creating… creating… creating! Our goal is to increase brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, and have more opportunities to convert into sales. Let us help you, stand out from the rest.


Choose the exact person your want to see your message.

At Gen47, we stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques in advertising. We can reach your exact demographic with the message you wish with interest targeting, behavioral targeting, custom targeting (age, gender, location), and more! Don’t pay more for blanketed advertising when you can convert leads faster by reaching the exact customer needed.


What makes us different? RESULTS.

It’s simple. You need results. Our team of social media strategists are working around the clock to track your engagement and provide results. Our goal is to maximize opportunities and lead conversions into sales. Tracking the success of social media campaigns are what we do to not only evaluate the achieved results but to create plans for future campaigns.