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Web Development Services

Web & Software design are increasingly becoming a larger piece of any up-to-date marketing strategy. With an ever-changing web ecosystem, it is crucial that you pick the right team to design, develop, and implement your Search Engine strategies. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process we understand and execute on and we provide the upmost in data transparency.


Without a website how will potential customers find your business in the digital age? At GEN47 we help take your brand and transform it into a fully responsive website that attracts new customers by creating a unique digital experience catered to your audience.


What good is a beautiful website that doesn’t drive traffic? On average 80% of traffic on Google does not go past the first page of Google and 95% doesn’t go past the second page. We custom tailor your website design, web hosting, and content to strategically push you to the top. By having a partner who sees the whole process from custom tailoring your hosting all the way to your web design and content you can be confident that any web experience we create will push your ranking to the top.


If you are looking to go a step further with your online presence we are here to help. We understand that sometimes you just need more traffic and that paying for it can deliver the ultimate results. We work with Google Adword, Google Local Services, and various other Paid Marketing Platforms to help accelerate your online campaign efforts to be as successful as possible.


Not all web hosting is created equal. We have seen many beautifully designed websites that in theory should be driving traffic to your site but instead you chose the cheap hosting plan through GoDaddy and your site now loads too slow to keep users on the page when your competitors’ site is not nearly designed as well as yours, but it loads faster. Web page loading speed is one of the largest factors in how your site will perform. Did you know that roughly 10% of users will wait more than 5 seconds before leaving your site? We work with popular cloud platform providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to custom tailor the hosting package that is cost effective and that is designed to load the maximum level of content is the smallest time frame.

Social Media Services

Your social media accounts will increasingly become the way that customer’s not only find you, but most often interact with your brand. You want your accounts to actively represent your brand as well as engage customers and interact with them. With all the platforms out there today it can be a struggle to keep everything up-to-date, that’s where we come in.


Do you really need a Pinterest account? How do you get more followers? Are you targeting the right people? Should you be running paid ads? Why aren’t your fans seeing your posts? We can help develop a plan based on your business, your goals, and your customers to determine where you can get the best return on investment with social media.


How does anyone find time in the day to run a successful business while posting and engaging with customers on all their social media accounts? We know how hard it is to have to fill multiple roles within your company, that’s why we offer social media management plans. Let us take care of your social presence and you can focus on the important day-to-day tasks of running your business.


We provide real-time data on the performance of your social media platforms. We also use this data to continually evolve our strategy to maximize our efforts.

Creative Services

Our team does more than ‘window dressing’ marketing. We critically evaluate where you are and where you want to go, then develop a creative, innovative plan to get you there. We know that one approach doesn’t work for everyone. We aren’t a one-size fits all agency. But with our wide array of services, and talents we are confident we can get your business to the next level.


Whether you need a new logo, an update to a current logo, or a strategy and collateral to go with your existing brand…we’ve got you covered.


From website content, social media posts, and marketing collateral to blog posts and video content we can help you get your messaging and information out to the right people, right away.


We partner with you to learn your business, your goals, and your customers so that we can create a strategy to maximize your marketing efforts and achieve lasting results.


Ads, brochures, corporate reports, direct mail, company magazines, banners, point of purchase, you name it…if you need it designed we can do it.


Product shots, head shots, lifestyle images, whatever you need to make your company looks its best.


We work with local media outlets and publications to get your message in front of potential customers to grow your business.

Video Services

Our biggest focus for video is to make sure we tell the right story for you. The story that shows your brand’s unique qualities. The story that your customers will want to share with everyone they know. The story that will set you apart from your competitors and create lifelong fans of your company and brand. We have a three-part process that ensures we discover, capture, and covey that story for you.


in-depth research, storytelling strategy, planning, creative treatments, discovery, scripting, and storyboarding


UHD Camera operation, lighting, and audio capture


Video editing, coloring, and delivery