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The Importance of Great Design

Great design communicates the brand’s message while optimizing the experience for end-users and achieving specific goals or solving a problem. Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Too often we get caught up in thinking of design as decoration. This flawed approach leads to designs created to please the designer’s or client’s personal preferences instead of design that is strategically created to achieve results.


Great design begins with an in-depth understanding of the brand and the message.

What’s the brand’s personality, what’s its unique story, what’s the overall message, and what are the goals? Without a clear message, no design can be successful. Visual elements support the message; they don’t just make the page, interface, or brochure pretty. When the content and the visuals are disconnected the customer is left confused and distrustful of the brand.


Great design speaks to your customers, not just at them.

To do this, you need to get to know them. Who are they? What digital platforms to they prefer? What devices do they use? What are their frustrations with your existing services? What issues do they have that you could solve for them? Customers are more loyal when they feel the brand understands and cares about them. They gravitate towards brands that provide effortless, enjoyable experiences. And to design those you need to understand who you are designing for.


Great design doesn’t stop at deployment.

Tracking the success of a design after launch is an integral part of the process. If it isn’t fully achieving the desired results, it’s time to evaluate and iterate. Determine the reasons for the underperformance. Develop solutions to those issues and tweak the design accordingly. Ideally this is an ongoing cycle. Even great design needs monitoring and evaluation to make sure it continues performing in today’s world of rapidly changing technology and attitudes.

At Gen47 we believe in great design.

We take time to get to know you, your brand, your customers, and your goals. We partner with you to create elegant, user-centric solutions to achieve your business goals. Then we monitor our solutions, making adjustments as necessary so the design remains relevant and continues to perform. And because of our commitment to transparency we give you access to Gen47’s DataCoachâ„¢, which tracks and displays the results of all of the digital marketing we do for you…in a convenient, easy-to-understand interface.