My name is Zack Orwick and I help fulfill a wide variety of roles at GEN47. I design and build websites, develop the strategy for and manage paid and organic SEO campaigns, and I even help support our growing IT infrastructure. On a daily basis I work to create a better name for ‘SEO Strategists’ by consistently creating websites and content that rank on the first page of Google. My background in Software Development, Cloud Architecture, and SEO have enabled me to plan and develop full-scale SEO solutions all the way from the hardware and software at the server level (the physical machine where your website exists) to the content and keywords that ultimately create a successful SEO campaign. Chances are if it revolves around a computer I can help. When I’m not working I’m more than likely hanging out with my cats or working toward my video game streaming career.



I’m deeply drawn to visual storytelling because it fulfills my need to connect with others, learn something new, and create meaningful work, all at the same time! Powerful stories give meaning to our lives; when told correctly, stories inspire and change the world by bringing us closer together or challenging us to grow. Out of the office you’ll find me pretending to live another life in a stylish IKEA showroom, hiking in Red River Gorge, or hitting a CrossFit Gym. My hobbies include playing guitar, experimenting with new diets, and reading (all the books). Me in five words: passion, spirited, vision, minimalist, and connection.



I love the intersection of logic and art. I chose to become a designer because I enjoy not only the elements of art and design but also the strategy and research behind problem solving. Great design does more than look pretty or trendy; great design is elegant, efficient, and conveys the right message to the right people at the right time. As a naturally curious person I enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of a client’s business and goals. This curiosity allows me to develop better solutions for each and every client I work with. In my non-work life I have a fascination with exploration both physically through travel and intellectually through reading.



My name is Jessie Dees and I am the Social Media Coordinator here at Gen 47. Currently I am finishing up my senior year at Transylvania University with a Studio Art major and a Biology minor. I’m generally a laid-back person but still passionate and willing to take risks. My main hobbies include horseback riding, sculpture, and keeping up with pop culture. I have been involved with horses for most of my life, upon being accepted to Transylvania University joined the equestrian team, and became the equestrian teams’ media manager. Out of the office and school you can find me competing with my horse, going to art museums, and attending events throughout the city. I am very thankful to be working with the very talented people on the team. While I focus on finishing my degree, at Gen47 I am learning essentials in graphic design, storytelling, and cinematography.



Hello, I’m Ann! When I’m not leading my incredibly talented team, consulting with local business owners on marketing strategy, or crunching numbers and reviewing results… I’m dating my amazing husband or playing with my babies. I have a 6 year old son and a 1 year old daughter both adopted from our state foster care system. My favorite food is ice cream (totally a food, don’t judge!) and my passion in life is serving God, being creative, and traveling the world. What I love most about Gen47 is that we grow a partnership with our clients and we don’t just follow the latest trends, but we strive to create the next.